Sims 4 Witch Mods

Sims 4 Witch Mod

Sims 4 is such a diverse game that mods often can just mess it up. But not these. After all, each of us wants at least a little magic and omnipotence in the virtual-real world.

There are 3 of the most popular Sims 4 Witch Mod which I want to tell you about, which are directly related to witchcraft, potions and wizards.

3. Become a Sorcerer

Sims 4 Witch Mod

This mod adds the ability to your sim to become a sorcerer and choose the light or dark side. Pumping up skills of magic, you open new spells. But be careful, because every spell must be used wisely! Having become a sorcerer, you need to conduct meditation in order to get the needs of the sorcerer. There is only one need: Unity with Magic, but in addition, one of the needs is replaced by a Directional scale, which shows you which side the symbol will ultimately take: dark or light.

In order to become a sorcerer, you need to find a piece of clay in the purchase mode and place it on the site. You can use the search for this. After placing, it on the site, select the “View Object” action and see the magic. After you receive a notification, click on the sim and select one of the types of meditation, which is located in the “Spells” section. All! Your sim is now a real sorcerer!

Features of the mod:

  1. Children can also become sorcerers, but their magical abilities will not be fully disclosed
  2. If you are tired of playing as a sorcerer, you can return the magical power to a mysterious piece of clay by clicking on it
  3. By creating magic and conducting meditation, your sim will receive new character traits that will not be mentioned in the form of notifications
  4. The mod does not add autonomous actions, that is, becoming a magician and casting spells, you will deal exclusively with yourself
  5. If your sim is moving along the dark side, then the sim plumbob will gradually change colors

2. Art of Magic Reborn with Sims 4 Witch Mod

Sims 4 Witch Mod

Your sims will have a magic skill and about 40 spells with which your characters will not get bored.

To start pumping your magic skill, you need to buy the Ancient Mana Bowl, you can find it in the “Knowledge” category. The bowl will give your characters the ley energy needed to learn magic and spells.

Mana Level

To find out the mana level, you need to point at a special mudlet. If your character does not have enough mana level, he will not be able to cast spells, make up the level using the function “Magical meditation”.

Casting Spells

To master all 40 spells, you will need to improve your skill to magical mastery. There are several skill levels that will gradually open up new possibilities for magic.

Skill Levels

  • Level 1–2: The sim gains access to beginner level spells;
  • Level 3–4: The sim gains access to apprentice level spells + increased mana;
  • Level 5-6: The sim gains access to adept level spells + an increased mana supply and the ability to teleport;
  • Level 7–9: The sim gains access to expert level spells + increased mana;
  • Level 10: The sim gains access to spells of the master level + increased stock of mana.

1. Sims 4 Witch Mod: Witches and Warlocks

Sims 4 Witch Mod

The Sims 4 fans often wait for one or another set that was once available in The Sims 3.

So it was with the addition of “seasons”, which we finally presented and gamers were able to plunge into all the delights of winter, spring, summer and autumn.

But for me, perhaps The Sims 3’s most beloved set was just “supernatural.”

Unfortunately, it was not officially introduced in The Sims 4, but, in part, it is available to us thanks to a similar amateur set of “witches and sorcerers”.So, here is the best Sims 4 Witch Mod.

Sims 4 Witch Mod

To begin with, I downloaded and tried it to the “taste” and noticed that the set was made qualitatively (although it would be nice to expand it).

What’s New

The first thing I noticed was the new features in the character editor.

New hats are available to us in it, which colorfully emphasize the sim’s belonging to the “supernatural”, although it is worth noting that there are very few objects. Secondly, there is a new character trait “witch”, which can be assigned to our sim.

New theme items have also been added to the game. These are not only decorative “magic things”, but also full attributes for witchcraft.

These include, for example, a “wardrobe with a broom”, in which you can dig out our sim broom and fly on it.

Also an equally important attribute is the “magic table”, which will give the character the opportunity to “look into the future.”

Sims 4 Witch Mod

Well, the most interesting object of the set is the “portal for communication with the spirits”, which allows us to ask the spirits to fulfill certain desires.

But objects have a flip side, for example, a “portal for communicating with spirits” can, instead of fulfilling a desire, give the character negative “mudlets”.

Another innovation that the kit brings is, of course, new interactions with other sims, a bit similar to those that were in The Sims 3.

We can both do something good for our Sims friends, with the help of “witchcraft”, and, of course, “slander” the enemies (and not only them).

I would also like to note that if the characters do not have a special character trait, then the use of magic items will lead to more dire consequences.

Sims 4 Witch Mod

If a “witch” without a character trait interacts with a “magic table”, he, in turn, will lower the sim’s needs, to the point that the character may die. And when using the “cabinet with a broom” of a regular sim, “magic lightning” will strike.

Therefore, in no case do not use these objects to interact with ordinary “mortals.” Unless, of course, you want to check the above on an unnecessary sim: D

Well, of course, in order to comply with the status of a “witch,” we simply have access to interior items whose purpose is only to decorate a house or courtyard.

And it’s nice that the set pays attention to almost all of the aspects that it paid to a similar set in The Sims 3.

But, since the set is amateurish, then, unfortunately, there are not many objects or actions for research in it.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the official set for The Sims 4, you can entertain yourself with amateur, complementing the game with new objects and interactions.

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