The Sims 4: Vampires Guide

Sims 4 Vampires

Undead were always present in every part of the series. The Sims 4 started with the usual ghosts, then the aliens arrived (with the addition of “To work!”). And then they appeared – Vampires. This time, EA broke up and rolled out a huge set of skills and appearance options for bloodsuckers. Want a glamorous copy of Edward Cullen, the creepy Nosferatu or the classic Dracula? No problems!

Of course, as befits a vampire, the undead have a number of features and something can seriously complicate the life for beginner.

How to become a vampire in Sims 4

At the moment, the game presents three options for transforming an ordinary sim into a supernatural creature:

  1. Creating a vampire in character creation mode;
  2. Creating a vampire by a game code;
  3. Create a vampire using another vampire.

1. Create a vampire through the character creation editor

How to create a vampire

In the character creation editor you need to select the “Add a vampire” function. In this way, you can create one sim vampire or a whole supernatural family.

In the character creation editor, you will be asked to customize the appearance of both the light and dark sides of your ward. When setting up the dark side, you will have access to new elements of appearance that are specific only to vampires.

It is worth noting that the dark and light side settings are not available for Sims kids. Vampiric abilities as well as external signs appear only in adolescents.

2. How to create a vampire using code

How to create a Vampire using Code

You can turn your favorite character into a vampire anytime you like, you just need to use the game cheat code.

In order to create a vampire using the code you need:

  • Open the console using the key combination – “Shift + Ctrl + C”;
  • In the white line that appears, enter the developer code for Sims 4 – “Testingcheats true”;
  • Press the “Enter” key, after which the code is activated;
  • Then, in the console we drive the code to turn the sim into a vampire and also activate it with the “Enter” key.

You can turn an ordinary sim into a vampire using codes:

  • stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160 – the circulation process will take several days;
  • traits.equip_trait trait_OccultVampire – instant process of the appeal;
  • Using the code traits.remove_trait trait_OccultVampire you can turn a vampire into a regular sim.

3. How to create a vampire using another character

Ask to turn to a Vampire

In my opinion, the most interesting, exciting, and most importantly natural way, remains a vampire bite. It may take much more of your time, but you can get much more pleasure from the gameplay.

Let’s take a closer look at it:

  • You need to find a vampire in the game;
  • The relationship between your sim and the bloodsucker found must be friendly;
  • You must make sure that the vampire has the ability to “Create vampires”;
  • Ask to make you a vampire.

The vampire will mesmerize your sim, then plunge his fangs into his neck, and then give a try of his blood.

It is worth adding that a convert character will not immediately become a real vampire. The reincarnation takes three days and is accompanied by the appearance of mudletes – “Terrible hunger”, “Aversion to food”, and then will turn into a full-fledged vampire.

Levels of vampirism and achievements.

All Vampire Powers Sims 4

If ordinary skills most often have ten levels, then the skill of vampirism will have to be studied deeper, since there are as many as fifteen levels of it.

Having reached the second level of the vampirism skill, a sim using a computer in the “Secrets of Vampires” tab will be able to purchase a special reference book, or rather its first volume. To be able to order a vampire for food bags with blood, you need to get the third level of the vampirism skill.

And at the fourth level, blood bags can be made independently, these bags will contain the blood of frogs or fish.

Blood Bag Sims 4

At the fifth level of the vampirism skill, it will be possible to weave pigtails from garlic. They are simply necessary if you need to protect an ordinary mortal from a bloodsucker. Vampires approaching these garlic pigtails get a negative moodlet because they cannot drink blood.

Having crossed the sixth level of the skill, it will be possible to acquire the second tom of the vampirism guide. Vampires of the seventh level will be able to teach their knowledge to everyone.

Vampire lore books

At the eighth level of the vampirism skill, special seeds will be opened for purchase through the computer – wolf root, bloody fruit and mosquito trap. These seeds can be used to grow future ingredients for special vampire cocktails and dishes. Just at the ninth level, the character, pumping the skill of vampirism, will be able to enjoy the “Bloody Mania” cocktail or the bloody fruit salad.

At the next, tenth level, the purchase of the third volume of the vampire reference book opens. At the eleventh level, after drinking the new Sun Protection cocktail, your vampire will be able to go outside in broad daylight. In addition, in the sun, the bloodsucker will be able to restore his energy.

Having studied vampirism up to level 12, a sim can use the bar counter to prepare a cocktail called “Vampire Defense”. Its action is aimed at resisting the abilities of vampires.

The Final Comprehensive Guide to Vampires can be ordered at level 13 Vampirism. The cost of this book is 1000 Simoleons.

At the next level 14 of the skill, the sim will be able to prepare the Measured Dose cocktail. This drink will quickly restore the vampire’s abilities.

The fifteenth and final level of the skill of vampirism will open the knowledge of how to stop being a vampire. The medicine for vampirism is prepared on the bar from special ingredients.

Cure Vampirism Sims 4

It is most effective to increase the rank using the special abilities of your choice – hypnosis, hallucinations, forcing mortals and so on, sucking blood, but the best way is to fight with another vampire, and if there is access to a drink that turns a vampire into a human, it is worth using it …

Vampires Sims 4

To find a toothy enemy, the easiest way is to open the clubs panel (add-on “Have fun together!”), Create a new club, and set the “vampire” trait as a criterion for selecting members. The game will show you all the bloodsuckers that exist at the moment, we recruit those who are not a pity to destroy into the club, we start a meeting – and fight with the newcomers, well, or even return them to the ranks of mortals (evil actions – kill a vampire, there should be a fresh drink in the luggage for reference).

The panel of Vampire necessities

Panel of Vampire Necessities_

The needs of vampires are different from those of normal characters. From their usual needs they have only Hygiene, Social and Fun (and even their experienced vampires try to “turn off”). Food turns into Thirst, and vigor is converted into Vampiric Energy (details below).

Food or How to quench your Thirst for Blood

Bloody Fruits Sims 4

The main and basic need of vampires is food. Vampires do not eat ordinary human food, or rather, they can eat, but this will not affect the thirst scale – their diet consists of blood. A vampire can get blood in several ways: bite an ordinary character and drink his blood, or grow a tree with bloody fruits and feed on them. You can also buy bloody fruits through a computer. In addition, you can start researching vampirism and gain access to blood bags or make your own from a fish or frog.

Energy Scale

Vampires Meditation Sims 4

Vampiric energy – it is necessary for the normal existence of a vampire and the use of various supernatural vampiric abilities. There are two ways to replenish energy – sleep in a coffin and meditate. The second method is preferable – when using “dark meditation” the vampire receives the rank points necessary to advance up the ladder of power.


A vampire, like an ordinary character, cannot be without communication for a long time, he can be friends with both ordinary characters and their own kind.


This need is no different from a normal character’s need.


Leisure is another need that is inherent in everyone, and so that the vampire does not get bored, you can diversify his leisure time with various entertainments.

Strength and weaknesses of vampires

I want to bring to your attention my personal review, in which I want to share my experience, dwell on each skill in detail and tell you why you should or shouldn’t take them for your Vampires in The Sims 4. I hope this review will help you understand the variety of vampire abilities and weaknesses.

Basic Vampire Level

Detect Personality Skill

Determination of character – 2 points
From the name it is clear why it is necessary, at the initial stage of the formation of a vampire it can be used as a skill on which the vampire learns, but at a later stage it is a bad replacement for the “Insightful” bonus character trait.

Verdict: Don’t take it. Drinking blood from the NPC is much more effective and beneficial for health and study, and it is easier for a serious vampire to take the same bonus trait for a measly 500 happiness points (Insightful)

Bat Form Skill

Bat Form – 2 Points
Just a quick way to move. Well, arrange a mouse-woohoo (the vampire partner must also have this ability). To constantly move with the mouse, click on your sim and select the desired option.

Verdict: Take it. An extremely useful skill for vampires of any rank.

Hallucination Skill

Hallucinations – 1 point
We throw a spell on any character and the sim is talking nicely to himself. Passers-by will look back at him. At the stage of becoming a vampire, a very useful thing, the most convenient skill for pumping the ability: overlay glitches -> remove-> overlay-> remove. The vampire learns, and the energy decreases slowly.

Verdict: Take it.

Eternally Welcome Ability

Welcome Guest – 2 points
And this is how we take it and enter the locked house, even if we are not welcome there. No need to knock, nothing. In addition, all door options become available in other people’s homes, (lock, unlock, lock for … and so on). A kind of vampire mark, they say, my sheep live here. Thus, a vampire can live in someone else’s house for several weeks! You can also close your house and then strangers will not invade.

Verdict: Despite all of the above, the skill is of dubious utility – if you go to play with another family, this vampire will come and bite the owners, which will hang unpleasant moodlets on them. For your vampire, this skill is almost useless, because they are still allowed into other people’s houses.

Occult Student Skill

Follower of the occult sciences level 3 – 1, 2 and 3 points for each level, respectively
Less energy is spent on skills. Well, yes, a little less, but you hardly notice the difference, especially at the 1-2 level of the skill, and pouring 6 points into the skill of the first level is a lot.

Verdict: Strictly for an amateur and if you have extra points that you can’t spend. For a young vampire, maybe, and the magister wasted on this nonsense … energy and so damn much.

Withered Stomach

A shrunken stomach is a negative trait
Sim cannot eat normal food, even bloody fruits, he is sick … violently.

Verdict: We take. If you are not going to make a “good” vampire or, God forbid, a vegetarian, then you will have to take this skill one way or another, you can refuse it at a higher level, but from bloody fruits and salads made of these, like a goat of milk.

Guilty Drinker Skill

Guilty Drinker – Negative Trait
Attacking the victim will hang the orange moodlet +50 voltage.

Verdict: For future “good” vampires only. Nobody else and no way.

Uncontrollable Hissing Skill

Uncontrolled hiss – negative trait
Well … he hisses, often, very much. All those present minus (strongly). If you are in a bar and there is a crowd of people all around and everyone is minus … drinking blood for beautiful eyes will not work.

Verdict: If you don’t give a damn about all the Sims … but don’t take it anyway. Do not take until the last, because the relationship in Sims is almost the most important thing. It’s bad to be like this.

Junior vampire

Vampiric Charm

Vampiric Charm Level 3 – 3 points for each
All romantic interactions become more effective. At the third level of this skill, after flirting, it was already possible to press the first kiss immediately, and after the kiss, the woohoo option was immediately available. There were no failures.
In addition, when you click on the vampire being played, you can turn on a romantic aura and everyone around you will already hang around your neck. Not recommended for use on a crowd.

Verdict: good for loving vampires, for friendly interactions … well, maybe. It is a pity for points, but a good skill.

Vampiric Strength

Vampiric power of 3 levels – three points for each
Strength grows, fitness skill swings quickly, in fights with others we win more often. At the third stage, you can crush all kinds of crystals with metals into elements.

Verdict: Helpful enough. Take it if you fight often, train your fitness skill and go in for gathering. In general, a useful thing.

Command Skill

Compulsion – 3 points
You can force a sim to: have a fight with another sim, sit, exercise, clean up, fix something, leave.

Verdict: Sounds cool, but rarely used in practice. For my vampires had no guests, and most of the possibilities were purely home use. If you use the butler, then this ability will be useful, because the butler is still a net.

Vampire Garlic Immunity Skill

Garlic Resistance – 1 point
If you do not take this skill, then the vampire cannot bite when it smells of garlic.

Verdict: Take, few points, the benefits are obvious. And accordingly, we do not take it if your charges have not yet grown garlic in the beds and have not stinked it.

Vampire Creation Ability

Create Vampires – 3 points
Everything is clear from the title.

Verdict: Take it if you want to create another vampires. If no, it’s useless.

Sloppy Drinker

A sloppy drunkard is a negative trait
The blood drink takes longer, the victims faint more often, if the victim does not sleep well and you choose to “force drink for a long time,” the victim can play in the box.

Verdict: You can take it, it’s a normal feature, if there is no desire to destroy Sims, choose a little drink and everyone will be alive and almost healthy.

Thin Skinned

Level 3 sensitivity – negative trait
The sun becomes enemy number one, at the third level, the great vampire’s energy drops to zero in about one sim hour.

Verdict: Take it! Paradoxically, this skill was extremely popular with my controlled vampires. And it’s all about as many as three stages, if you already planned to be a night resident, then pouring as many as three negative traits into the same skill, this is to avoid a lot of trouble from the rest.

Experienced vampire

Mesmerize Skill

Hypnosis – 4 points
An analogue of hallucinations, I did not notice any difference.

Verdict: Don’t take it, because why if there are hallucinations?

Child of the Moon Ability

Child of the Moon Level 3 – 4 points for each
At night, a positive moodlet, at night it is more successful, at night it is studied faster.

Verdict: Take! No matter how you look, there is full profit everywhere. Together with the bonus feature, “Owl” becomes just imbosim.

Irresistible Slumber

Irresistible slumber – 4 points
The sim falls asleep and that’s it.

Verdict: NO. Never seen your Sims snoozing on the pavement? He’s sleeping! What to take from him?

Manipulate life spirit

Controlling Souls – 4 Points
Never used this trait. The victim’s entire dating list is cleared. All! Be carefull. When the soul is returned to the victim, she receives the Confidence +3 moodlet for 2 days and resistance to psychological control.

Verdict: No. I don’t approve. Even if you throw it at the NPC, it is still somehow ugly.

Vampiric Slumber Skill

Vampire Dream Level 3 – 4 points
The vampire gets enough sleep faster.

Verdict: No. He sleeps fast anyway. Why is it?

Sleep of the Undead

Dead man sleep is a negative trait
We sleep only in a coffin.

Verdict: This is what every decent vampire will choose.

Fitful sleep

Troubled Sleep Level 2 – Negative Trait
Sleep more slowly.

Verdict: Yes. Let it be slower, you still don’t have to sleep at all, all your strength is restored by meditation, and if it’s rubbish, then lie down and sleep, you can work and skip … forever ahead. And to drain as many as 2 negative points into a line that does not interfere is an excellent choice.

Lord of the vampires

Dampened Emotions

Emotion Suppression Level 3 – 5 points each
Each level gives protection against the corresponding level of emotions, the sim is always in neutral.

Verdict: No. The Sim becomes a log without emotion. Only if you are tired of the ever-grimacing Sims to death, then you can take this version of the mannequin.

Supernatural speed

Supernatural speed – 5 points
Variations in fast travel, just as good as a bat.

Verdict: A good feature.

Deprive Needs

Calling needs – 5 points
Well, yeah, let’s see how Bella Goth describes it, we’ve missed it for so long. If there is a goal to torment the poor uncontrollable Persians – the flag in hand.

Verdict: Not unless you are a sadistic player.

Sun resistance

Sun protection level 3 – 5 points each
The title has already explained everything. On the third level, forget about burns altogether. Conflicts with all traits of sun aversion.

Verdict: Yes. For those who play as a vampire and during the day – a must. But it greatly spoils the atmosphere of the game for vampires.


Odorless – 5 points
You don’t have to wash yourself, always a clean vampire. A very cheating opportunity.

Verdict: Yes, you can still drive a Sim into a shower for moodlets, but you can completely forget about the need to wash.

Insatiable Thirst

Insatiable thirst is a negative trait
I want to eat more often and that’s it.

Verdict: No. It makes life very difficult for vampires, uncontrollable bites are evil.

Day Phobia

Fear of Daytime Level 3 – Negative Trait
During the day, you will definitely not bite anyone forcibly, if only you ask someone to feed you.

Verdict: Probably not. For night vampires only. During the day everything turns out worse and in fights you lose and not attack anyone.

Grand Master

Influence Emotion

Influence on emotions of the 3rd level – 6 points each
Sim emits a circular wave of emotions, looks beautiful. At the last stage, as much as +8 for 4 hours gives to the used aura, all the options for emotions! Up to dizziness, stress, discomfort, and in short everything.

Verdict: You can take it, but it’s an extremely costly skill, the forces of the Grand Master will only be enough for 2 such waves. If the master is tired, then the khan is to the master. And you need a lot of glasses for effective use. But if you squeeze a wave of flirtation at a party, you can easily get an achievement for a certain number of first kisses per event.

Mist Form

Mist Form – 6 points
Another fast travel option.

Verdict: Yes. How did you think the Grand Master should appear? Only suddenly condense out of the dark haze.

Beyond the Herd

Distance from the team – 6 points
The need for communication no longer exists. Chat as much as you want, but there is no need.

Verdict: Well, yes, why gave up these needs at all. What are you saying? Do we play sims? Maybe not already.

Immortal Pleasures

Immortal Joys – 6 points
The need for entertainment is gone.

Verdict: Yes, let’s just take all the needs and we will have only one thirst! THIRST!

Eternal Sadness

Eternal sadness is a negative trait
Moodlet +5 to sadness.

Verdict: Is this what you want?

Vampire Debuff

Deadly aura – negative trait
Relationships deteriorate immediately and continue to decline every half hour.

Verdict: No. And definitely YES if you are a masochist. Fighting a combination of hiss and deadly aura and trying to befriend is almost a challenge, which is what draws players in. That’s why everyone loves Count Straud.

Tips for Vampires

  1. For vampires, the dream of a lifetime “Transformation of the City” is available, upon fulfilling which the character will receive 30,000 points of happiness.
  2. A vampire child improves skills much faster than other children.
  3. Other characters may offend vampires by saying, “Your mom is a Chupacabra.” Characters with the “Brave”, “Genius”, “Hopeless Romantic”, “Exemplary Family Man” and “Kind” traits can accuse vampires of vampirism (the “Accuse of vampirism” option).
  4. In the relationship tab, familiar vampires are highlighted with a purple border.
  5. If vampires do not control blood consumption, they can get fat like normal Sims from food.
  6. Vampires who have received the negative emotion “Too Much Sun” will very quickly decrease the need for thirst, and with the onset of night, the positive emotion “Vampire Energy” will not appear.
  7. Vampires do not have two negative emotions “Darkness” and “Eerie Graveyard”.
  8. Simbots and mummies cannot be turned into vampires.
  9. If a deceased vampire is made to be controlled by a ghost, his vampiric abilities will return even in the guise of a ghost, regardless of what death he died.
  10. Vampires have infinite physical stamina.
  11. The needs of vampires fall much more slowly at night than during the day.
  12. Vampires don’t like garlic. If they eat it, they may faint.
  13. Celebrity vampires can get a bad name if they bite someone.
  14. Vampires constantly need to satisfy their thirst for blood. They get thirsty faster than normal characters.
  15. Vampires run very fast, allowing them to travel long distances quickly.

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