Slay the Spire Cheats

| By Yaroslav Moklyak
Slay the Spire Cheats

Slay the Spire is a roguelike card game that is in high demand from players. However, there are a lot of Ascending levels in the game, which are not easy to pass. Moreover, some characters are more difficult than others, and newcomers don’t always manage to get used to the game and reach the final boss, because it can take a lot of time, and not everyone wants to waste it.

Many players ask about cheats for Slay the Spire, that’s why I created this article, which collected all possible ways of cheating in Slay the Spire on PC, iOS, and Android. You will learn how to save your progress, get infinite gold, energy, and HP, as well as faster unlock new cards and relics.

If you have some difficulties with the game, I advise you first look at the list of Slay the Spire tips to improve your skill in the game, and only after that try to use cheats.

Moreover, you can check a detailed guide on Ironclad or Silent to master your game. Perhaps you can reach the top of the spire on your own.

Slay the Spire Cheat Codes

To pass any game, it’s easy to enter a couple of key combinations, activate the cheat code and get everything you need. Unfortunately, there are no Cheat Codes in Slay the Spire, either for PC or on iOS or Android mobile devices.

I looked all over the Internet in several languages and found nothing worthwhile. I saw a few articles with codes, but they didn’t work. For this reason, to cheat in Slay the Spire you need to install additional programs or trainers.

Saving Current Progress (Only For PC)

If you have played Slay the Spire, you know that you can’t save your progress at any point in the game and then load it. The game instantly saves every new action of the player, so you can’t cancel your actions in the game. That’s why any error of the player will be saved at once, and it can’t be undone.

However, for PC users, there is a way to save the game at a certain point and if necessary load it in the future. This process is not the fastest, but it is effective.

How to Save the Game in Slay the Spire?

  1. Start playing and get to the point where you want to save
  2. Open the game folder on your computer. It is located at \steam\steamapps\common\slaythespire\saves\
  3. There you will find a file with the extension .autosave (for example IRONCLAD.autosave or SILENT.autosave). Copy this file to another folder on your device
  4. Done, you have a separate file with the game saved at a certain point

How to Load the Game?

  • Quit the game
  • Open the \steam\steamapps\common\slaythespire\saves\ folder
  • Find the file with the current save of the game
  • Replace IRONCLAD.autosave (copied earlier) back into this folder
  • You can start the game

Unlock New Cards and Relics Quickly (Only on PC)

There is another way to cheat in Slay the Spire that may be useful to players. You can open new cards and relics for characters much faster (not immediately) with it.

It is important to mention that to use this cheat you need to save and load the game the way above, so that this Slay the Spire cheat will get to use only the users on PC.

So, to quickly unlock all the available items and cards on the character, you need:

  • Reach one of the bosses in the game. The stronger the boss the better (ideally the final boss of the third act)
  • Save the game manually before you fight the boss
  • Fight the final boss (better to defeat it)
  • Get experience for the battle
  • Manually load the game as described above
  • Fight the boss again (better to defeat it) and get experience
  • Repeat the process until you unlock all available cards and relics

The further through the game you go, the more experience you get. When you load the game before the final boss fight, the game thinks you got there on your own and rewards you with the maximum amount of experience

Slay the Spire Trainers

For Slay the Spire, as for almost every game, there are special trainers that you can install and get infinite gold, health, energy and other things that will make your character immortal.

Below you can find the most popular trainers, as well as a video with a step-by-step guide to install and use.

1. Unlimited Health and Energy

Trainer contains the following effects: infinite health, infinite energy.

Installing this trainer will make your character immortal by giving him infinite health. Moreover, your character will have infinite energy. To implement it, just install the trainer from wemod.com (free), run the game, then run the program and activate cheats.

It is important to mention that Slay the Spire trainer may not work correctly at different stages of the game. At the 1st and 3rd stages of the game, sometimes the trainer may not work.

Video on How to Install and Use

2. God Mode and Infinite Energy

Trainer contains the following effects: infinite health, infinite energy.

Another trainer from megadev.info, which will make your character immortal and give infinite energy.

This cheat is more modern and works steadily, but for free you can only use the cheat for infinite energy. If you want god mode (infinite health), you need to subscribe to a premium membership for a fee at the MegaDev website.

Video on How to Install and Use

3. Infinite Gold, Health, Energy, and More

Trainer contains the following effects: infinite health, infinite gold, infinite energy, card selection.

This trainer is probably one of the most popular, because it gives the player a lot of opportunities. In addition to the cheat code for infinite health and unlimited energy in Slay the Spire , you can adjust your own gold amount and make it unlimited. In addition, you will be able to change your cards during the battle with the boss or regular enemies.

This trainer works through CoSMOS and allows you to change any values in the game. You can download it at cheathappens.com.

It’s important to mention that for full use you need to sign up for a paid premium subscription on the Cheat Happens website.

Video on How to Install and Use

4. Slay the Spire Cheat Engine

Trainer contains the following effects: infinite health, infinite gold, infinite energy, card selection.

The latest Cheat Engine Trainer, which can be downloaded from the official website. Slay the Spire Cheat Engine Table will allow you to edit gold, HP, energy, and other indicators in Slay the Spire.

Trainer works without interruptions and bugs, but there may be problems with some mods.

How to Use?

Cheat Engine table works similarly to the previous trainer:

  • Download the trainer
  • Go to the main menu of Slay the Spire and activate the script
  • During the battle, the table will show you the values and characteristics of your character, which you can edit

Video on How to Use Cheat Engine in Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire Cheats for iOS and Android

Since I play on iOS, I originally found this method myself in the game, and then I read about it on other sites. Sometimes I use this cheat for more efficient passing at high levels of Ascension in Slay the Spire. To use it simply restart the game (completely close and run the game).

The method allows you to load the game at the beginning of the battle, and thus replay the battle. For example, you were fighting a boss, made a couple of mistakes due to inattention and on the verge of death. You can restart the game, and then the fight will start from the beginning. A big plus is that the boss action order will be the same. Also the game will give you cards in the same way every time. So you can see what cards the game will give you, and at a new attempt to correct your battle strategy.

It works the same way with potions. You can use potions in different turns and see at which point the potions will give you the best cards.

One last huge plus from this method, in rooms with a question mark, when you have a choice with probability, you can try the most unlikely events. If the result is negative, you can restart the game and choose a new option!

Remember, that once you enter a new room, the game is autosaving and you cannot go back to the previous one.

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