8 Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Tips

Divinity Original Sin 2 Tips

The outcome of battles in Divinity: Original Sin 2 depends on various factors. Quests can be completed in a variety of ways, so you just need to learn how to fight competently. Another important detail is the correct pumping of heroes. With a well-assembled group, in which everyone plays their assigned role, you can eliminate any opponents without any problems. In this guide, we will give some important Divinity Original Sin 2 Tips that will help you quickly understand the game and defeat high-level monsters.

1. How to choose locations for Heroes

Divinity Original Sin 2 Battlefield 2

When initiating a battle, you must choose zones that do not contain neutral NPCs. This is due to the fact that during the battle, you can accidentally hook a mob, which will become another enemy of yours and significantly complicate the course of the battle.

Control neutral NPCs who serve as your allies in the story. By AoE strikes, you can hook them.

Avoid areas with elemental sources, as the enemy can direct their power against you. However, if you have pumped the initiative parameter, which allows you to use the energy of the elements faster, you can use them.

The placement of the characters plays a very important role that can influence the outcome of any battle. There should be “tanks” in front, and weaker characters behind. Use the hills that allow the heroes to be in a safer position, use the bonus to damage and attack range.

2. Make thoughtful moves on the Battlefield

Divinity Original Sin 2 Battlefield

Battles in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are turn-based. Based on the initiative indicator, the player who makes the first move is selected, and their sequence is established. The human race has the highest rates of initiative. Therefore, it is highly recommended to give human characters spells and skills that will slow down and stun enemies.

The sequence of moves is shown at the top. Characters can be identified by their unique icons. Enemy characters are surrounded by a red border. The order of moves in battles cannot be changed. To get a higher place, you will need to eliminate the enemy hero.

If you find yourself in ambush, then the enemy receives a significant bonus to initiative, and most likely will receive the right of the first move.

3. Spent your Action Points Wisely

Divinity Original Sin 2 Action Points

Each character has his own number of action points, which determines the number of movements within one turn. With the help of special spells and skills, this value can be increased.

There are 3 colors displayed near the glasses panel:

  • Black — inaccessible points;
  • Green — available points of the character’s action this turn;
  • Red — appears after clicking on the green dots.

This allows you to determine how many points you need to spend on the execution of a particular movement.

Unspent points are transferred to the next turn, however, each of them has only 6 points, the rest disappear. Points consumption is calculated based on the distance traveled by the hero.

The cheapest action is to move around the field. Physical attacks usually cost 2 points. When planning your attack, be sure to keep an eye on the expenditure of ability points. Sometimes it’s better to skip a turn to accumulate points and use a more expensive skill on the next turn.

4. Don't forget about different Statuses

Divinity Original Sin 2 Status Effects

The result of the fight is influenced by different statuses that are associated with poisoning or the elements (earth, air, water, fire). There are also special statuses that are added using ointments, spells, conventional and magic weapons.

Often the status is valid for a certain period of time. If it appeared from special attacks or magic, then it can be updated and increased efficiency. Statuses can not only significantly harm the hero, but also kill him.

Elemental statuses:

  • Burning — from the action of fire. The hero’s resistance to fire decreases with each turn, which leads to an increase in incoming damage.
  • Cooling — from the action of water. The hero becomes inhibited or completely immobilized.
  • Stunning — from the action of air. Completely immobilizes a hero who has been doused with water.
  • petrification — from the action of the earth. Removes other statuses, immobilizes the hero.
  • Poisoning — from the action of poison. The mechanics are the same as for burning, but with different damage on each turn.

Weapon statuses:

  • Dissection — from a cut. The hero cannot move, but is able to attack nearby opponents.
  • Bleeding — from a cut. A bloody puddle appears near the hero, using which the enemy is able to restore health or additionally harm. Otherwise, it acts like burning and poisoning.
  • Knocked down — from impact or walking on slippery terrain. The hero misses one turn, is unable to attack, becomes vulnerable for one turn.

5. Liquids are everything

Divinity Original Sin 2 Oil Liquid
  1. Water — reduces certain characteristics, increases resistance to fire. Used to freeze an enemy or increase damage from electrical strikes.
  2. Oil — ignites when interacting with fire, leaves a trail of fire.
  3. Blood — turns into poison to deal additional damage to heroes with bleeding. Characters with the “Lich” talent in a pool of blood are able to restore health.
  4. Poison — creates the effect of poisoning, you can get rid of it by burning. Characters with the “Zombie” talent can heal with poison.

6. Don't be afraid to Get Out of the Fight in time

Divinity Original Sin 2 Gameplay

Finding yourself in a losing position, you can escape from the battlefield. This function is available only if the enemy has not started a close-range fight with you. Only those heroes who activate the special ability can escape, the rest remain.

The deserter teleports to a safe zone, where you can restore health, strengthen your equipment and go into a new battle after his friends have completed the previous battle.

7. Increase your character's Persuasion Ability to the Maximum

Divinity Original Sin 2 Persuasion

A good persuasion skill has more than once made it easier, helped, and pulled players out of the most difficult situations in various games.

Persuasion is an extremely important skill for your main character, without which it will sometimes be very difficult. This ability allows you to complete some unique quests, avoid very difficult battles, and even receive a unique reward during the quest.

By the way, it can be one of the most important Divinity Original Sin 2 tips.

8. Increase the Thievery Skills for another character

Divinity Original Sin 2 Thievery

This is another useful skill that your second character can use to make your game a lot easier. Thanks to the lock picks, you can hack many chests where you can find unique weapons and armor. Moreover, you can open doors through which you will get to unique rooms and locations. That is why it is very important to have a thief in the team who will pump the thief skill.

If you are faced with a shortage of master keys, then you can take the undead into your squad. This hero can use his fingers instead of lock picks.

Pickpocketing will also be a good bonus for this skill. You can rob other NPCs, which will give a small additional income.

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