Echo Shell Farming: Horizon Zero Dawn

Echo Shell

Horizon: Zero Dawn offers players a vast world to explore. An important place in the study is the crafting system. Finds and equipment in the game are divided by rarity by color: gray (common), green (unusual), blue (rare), and purple (very rare).

The Echo Shell – a common resource in the game.

Why Echo Shell can come in handy

This Resource is the primary ingredient for crafting firing ammo and is prized by merchants.

The following is a list of weapons and armor that cannot be crafted without Echo Shell:

  • Tearblaster Charge (1 Echo Shell per pack) – ammo type in Horizon Zero Dawn. This is necessary to complete the tests on the Sunny Furrows hunting grounds.
  • Tearblast Arrow (4 Echo Shell per pack) – ammo type compatible with Tearblaster. Tearblaster Charges are spherical projectiles that deal heavy Tear damage at close range.
  • Forgefire Ammo Pouch​FW​ Upgrade 1 (5 Echo Shell) – determines the number of each type of Forgefire ammunition that can be carried in the inventory.
  • Potions Pouch Upgrade 3 (15 Echo Shell) – indicator that indicates how many potions can be carried in a backpack at the same time
  • Carja Ropecaster (6 Echo Shell / 12 Echo ShellUH) – a ranged weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is a tool designed by the Nora tribe and used by hunters to deter and pin down targets.

How to farm Echo Shell

The Echo Shell can be purchased from merchants and can also be obtained from the following machines:

  • Behemoth
Behemoth Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Longleg
Longleg Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Rockbreaker
Rockbreaker Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Stalker
Stalker Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Stormbird
Stormbird Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Thunderjaw
Thunderjaw Horizon Zero Dawn

Moreover, you can buy them from different Merchants.

Echo Shells most likely contain compressed air, as seen by the blasts of wind caused by Tearblast Arrows and the Tearblaster weapon.

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