Horizon: Zero Dawn – Sun King

Horizon Zero Dawn Sun King

Who is this Horizon Zero Dawn Sun King? The Sun King is the monarch of Carja Sundom. He is also known as the head of the Solar Courtyard, which includes many Solar Priests and several noble houses.

Shorter rules in the capital Carja Sundom, from his palace of the Sun.

Chronicle of the First Generation of Horizon: Zero Dawn Sun King

  1. The founder of ARAMAN, who led our ancestors from the dusk of the Wild East to the expanses of the valley. Who, having read the signs of the Sun and Darkness, indicated to them the place for the construction of the sacred Meridian
  2. Valiant AMAVAD, who ordered to clear and sow the royal corn fields so that no one else from the followers of the Sun knew hunger
  3. GARDENS, who expanded the possessions of the Sun to the north, south and east and erected a gate in front of the harbor of the Colorful Market
  4. The generous YUVADAN, which filled the metal markets with trophies that he himself personally obtained in the hunt
  5. ZAVARAD, the pilgrim king who ordered the construction of a tower the height of the Pokrov Ridge. Who crossed the watery spaces of Dawn to push the boundaries of the House of the Sun even further
  6. Brave IRIV, who saw himself challenged in the setting sun in the west, set off on a campaign at the head of a large army. And was thrown back three times in the battles among the great canyons, later called the Obstruction
Sun King Screen

Chronicle of the Second Generation of Horizon: Zero Dawn Sun King

  1. The judicious BASADID, on whose shoulders lay the mantle of his untimely deceased brother
  2. HUVADIN, who wanted to bring civilization to the Wild East, but after numerous fruitless attempts, returned and proclaimed that these lands were no longer suitable for the people of the Sun
  3. The fiery RANAN, in which the Horde of Tenact attacked the House of the Sun and who, despite the objections of the advisers, personally led the army into battle
  4. NAHASIS, who was not only the King of the Sun, but also a hunter. Who challenged the most proud men of the noble Houses, inviting them to participate in a contest under the Sun
  5. The enlightened MARZID, to whom the Sun sent visions so vivid and magnificent, that he ordered to decorate the Meridian with many statues and frescoes with his image
  6. HIVAS, the elder brother of Marzid, who issued a decree that all families with sons who have reached adulthood must send these sons to serve in the army of the House of the Sun in order to make up for losses in its ranks
  7. JIRAN, who in his early years was a strong ruler who defended the House of the Sun from the encroachments of other tribes and from the madness of machines
  8. AVAD — The Liberator

AVAD — The Liberator

Avad is the 14th Radiant King of the Sun Karh tribe, and by compatibility the middle son of the insane King of the Sun is Jiran. Unlike his father, he is responsive and wants to collaborate with other tribes and have a relationship with them based on mutual respect. Tired of the endless cruelty of his father, he successfully overthrew him from the throne. He was forced to kill him when Jiran refused to give up.

Avad is the second child of Jiran’s three children. His mother’s name is unknown. Before him, she gave birth to Kadaman — his older brother. His younger brother Itamen is actually not quite his own. He was born from the second wife of Jiran Nasadi.

History Edit

Two years ago, he overthrew his father, who fell into insanity in the name of the Sun, which killed a lot of people. After that, he became the king who brought light to the Meridian, after pitch darkness.

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Advanced Edit

There is a younger brother named Itaman, who inevitably became king of the Darkness.

There was an older brother named Kadaman, who was executed because he wanted to put an end to the bloodshed of the mad King.

He had an assistant — Erza, and to whom he had romantic feelings.

On the parchment, “Kings of the Sun” is signed as “Avad — the Liberator ….”.

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