Horizon: Zero Dawn – Side Quests

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

Continuing my Horizon guide, Zero Dawn, I would like to talk about Horizon Zero Dawn side quests. During the passage of Horizon Zero Dawn, you can easily get lost in a huge number of side quests, forgetting about the main storyline. With the help of this guide it will be much easier to navigate.

1. Mother’s Embrace

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

All side quests of this part can be found in the starting location, before Eloy gets access to the entire map.

Side quests:

  • The Forgotten — On the main south road to Mother’s Watch, find a tall stone spire. Talk to the woman upstairs
  • In Her Mother’s Footsteps — east of Mother’s Watch, near the riverbank, you will find a wounded man who gives a quest


  • Odd Grata — in a conversation with Rost, select the line “Anything else?” during the prologue. Or meet Grata in her camp high in the mountains west of the starting point

2. The Sacred Lands

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

All quests can be found before exiting Nora hunting grounds or in the Carja lands in Daytower.

Side quests:

  • Insult to Injury — Speak with Phia at Mother’s Rise, a mountain settlement on the border between Mother’s Embrace and Sacred Lands
  • A Daughter’s Vengeance — Speak with a troubled young man at Mother’s Rise
  • Ancient Armory — Explore the Bunker east of Mother’s Rise
  • A Moment’s Peace — Speak with Chikuk at Banuk Encampment in the northeast of Sacred Lands
  • Underequipped — Speak with worried merchants in Hunter’s Gathering, a settlement in the northwest of Sacred Lands, closer to the border with Carja


  • Hunting for the Lodge — talk to the arena keeper in Hunting Grounds
  • Sanctuary — Talk to Dan at Mother’s Rise
  • Shortage of Supplies — Talk to Sona in Mother’s Crown. You must complete The War-Chief’s Trail and Revenge of the Nora
  • Luck of the Hunt — Talk to Taim Mother’s Crown
  • To Old Acquaintance — Speak with Hero in Hunter’s Gathering
  • Traitor’s Bounty — opens during the plot cut scene
  • Queen’s Gambit — Opens after completing the Traitor’s Bounty

3. Meridian

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

All Horizon Zero Dawn side quests can be found near the city itself.

Side quests:

  • Robbing the Rich — talk to a nobleman who screams loudly about a robbery
  • Honor the Fallen — talk to Mournfall Namman in the around town on the top-level
  • Fatal Inheritence — Speak with Ranaman at Meridian Village, a settlement southeast of the city
  • Hunter’s Blind — Talk to Talana at Hunters Lodge. Hunting for the Lodge must be completed
  • The Deadliest Game — Talk to Talana again at Hunters Lodge. Hunter’s Blind must be completed
  • Redmaw — Talk to Talana again at Hunters Lodge. The Deadliest Game must be completed


  • Demand and Supply — find two arguing merchants on the edge of the city, in front of the village

4. Carja Territories

Horizon Zero Dawn Side Quests

Quests can be found outside the Sacred Lands.

Side quests:

  • Heap of Trouble — Talk to Petra at Free Heap, a settlement north of Carja, near the Sacred Lands border
  • Hammer and Steel — talk to Kaeluf in Free Heap
  • Death from the Skies — find a wounded man on the roads east of Free Heap
  • Blood on Stone — Talk to the quarry master in Cut Cliffs, a settlement northwest of Meridian
  • Sun and Shadow — speak with Lahavis in Brightmarket, a settlement northwest of Meridian
  • Sunstone Rock — approach the Sunstone Rock settlement, it is located on the far southeast of the Meridian
  • Cause for Concern — opens after performing Bandit Camps if you have already met Neal


  • In Foreign Lands — talk to Balan at Daytower
  • Collateral — Opening at run time The City of the Sun, after talking with Olin
  • Sun’s Judgment — Talk to the grumbling kiosk owner at Brightmarket
  • A Crious Proposal — Talk to Fernund at Brightmarket
  • Healer’s Oath — Talk to Abas at Sunfall

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